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Welcome to Accelerate, an innovative online platform designed to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of your business. With the Accelerate platform, you quickly add value to your business. By providing a wider selection of digital solutions for your client, you are able to secure your position as the go-to professional marketer for your clients. With Accelerate, you can add these state-of-the-art services to your offer:
All successful campaigns begin with the same first step: methodical planning. With our planning services, your client is able to get a clear picture of their competitive environment in addition to a magnified and in-depth view of their own performances.
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A creative strategy makes a world of difference in the world of business. We utilize innovative and cutting-edge tactics to develop a one-of-a-kind strategy for each brand. Whether you need assistance honing in on your client's brand personality or their three-year sales objectives, we can craft it all. We are even able to deliver these strategies as a turnkey document; it doesn't get much easier than that.
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It is a widely accepted notion in marketing that "content is king." Simply put, this means that brands must feature engaging content to truly connect with consumers. From blog posts, social content, web banners and SEO, we know a thing or two about curating effective and interactive content to produce desirable results.
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We have generated thousands of leads to date and we are experts in this regard. With innovative performing campaigns such as sales pages, contests, drive-to-store and content hub strategies, we have the skill set required to create a polished product for your clients, whether UX or UI focused.
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Advertising is crucial to connecting your business with potential clients. We have been reaching customers for years with a series of strategic advertising campaigns including social ads, programmatic, target audience and reach analysis methods. We handle the complicated details of advertising so that you're free to focus more on your new and existing clientele.
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To remain relevant in a technologically advanced world, your business must be visible and maintain a strong web presence. We can help you achieve both of these feats. From SEO benchmarks to auditing and link building to metadata, we do it all to ensure that your business stays competitive in the digital age.
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Why is a pro marketer account a perfect fit for you?
Increased & diversified revenues
It's truly as simple as it seems: sell optimized products and increase your revenues. As a professional marketer, you introduce an established marketplace to your clients. With a pro marketer account, you can diversify your offer at an affordable price.
Precise roadmap for your clients
By using Accelerate, you are able to utilize our exclusive features and integrate your own to simplify your work without sacrificing flexibility. This allows you to establish a custom roadmap for each one of your clients in record time.
Rapid and flexible payment processes
As a pro marketer, you build custom solutions on a convenient platform. With Accelerate, your clients are presented with a series of payment options that are linked directly to your account. This makes the payment process rapid and hassle-free.

Who is Accelerate designed for?

Our program was specifically designed with our savvy marketing clientele in mind. It allows marketing professionals to assist their clients by offering the most cutting-edge digital solutions. With Accelerate, you are provided with the vital tools needed to streamline your business' mission and garner optimal results. Top-notch marketing professionals who frequently benefit from Accelerate include:

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Brand Managers & Marketing Directors

Logo Directeur de campagne numérique

Digital Campaign Managers

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Small and Enterprise Level Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Logo Gestionnaire de projet numérique

Digital Project Managers

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Marketing Strategists & Consultants

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