Inspired by 20 years of experience. Crafted with passion in Montreal. Perfected with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Accelerate is an optimized line of high-performing digital products, offered at affordable prices and assembled by professional marketers into an ideal, custom solution. Built as an e-commerce website with a human touch, its mission is to help organizations reach their full potential by improving their business performances with digital solutions. But this revolution in the digital world wasn't created in one day…

A breath of fresh air

Technology has changed the game over the past 20 years, creating new possibilities, new needs and new jobs along the way. Like every other digital agency, we tried to win the “we do it better” race, only to realize that while trying to be creative, we were still achieving the same results as our competitors. The agency-clients issues were still overwhelming and we didn’t feel we were at our best. We needed a new model to work with as the one traditionally used in the industry had proven flawed. We needed a breath of fresh air and so did our clients.
Inspired by 20 years of experience.

An inspired model

This shift wasn’t planned all alone in the dark. We were inspired by the best in the business, by visionaries of our (digital) time. Mark Pollard’s X10 New Agency Model was a slap in the face and a powerful inspiration, while other expert sources like Centric Digital and Agile marketing gave us a clear insight on what needed to change. Montreal, the city we operate in, is also an inspiration with a thriving digital community, where influential brands like Frank & Oak, Busbud and Ubisoft continually push the boundaries of digital innovation.
Crafted with passion in Montreal.

A purposeful process

Our mission is to shake things up and totally disrupt the way clients and agencies do business together. But we aren't troublemakers- there's a purpose behind our disruptive goals. We want to completely transform the process for the better. With lower prices, fewer delays and impressive results.
Perfected with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Knowledgeable experts, optimized creativity

Since Accelerate's inception, we have relied on three leading principles: passion, knowledge and audacity. We firmly believe that this strong foundation, along with our Montreal and Toronto experts, are our greatest business assets. Our experts specialize in strategy, content development and media and, together, they have strategically developed the products listed in Accelerate's extended catalog. Each of these products was designed with a precise and predetermined scope in mind to ensure fast delivery and accuracy on each side. This saves valuable time, letting us focus on creativity and value creation in a whole new way by deleting time-consuming steps on a daily basis.
Built to streamline your business practices.

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